Welcome to Northgate Shopping Centre

Bigger and better...for you!

Northgate Shopping Centre is there for the enjoyment of the whole family and it is our mission to provide shopping, fun in a convenient and safe environment, which is why we have continued to give Northgate the love and attention it deserves. Over the years, Northgate has transformed into a one-stop shopping, entertainment and dining experience for everyone from excited little ones to testy teens, busy parents, sprightly grandparents, gaggles of girlfriends, and groups of guys.

Where shopping, style and space come together

Some places just need more floor space to be properly enjoyed, and Northgate's Lifestyle Centre provides just that. This area boasts a massive 2 000 sqm.

The history of this super-shopping and entertainment hub...

In the early 1990s, Northgate Shopping Centre was a humble hive in Johannesburg shopping and entertainment. Come today, the Centre has transformed into the centre of shopping, dining and entertainment activity, continually expanding and improving over the years to keep up with what Jozi's lively families need and want.

Location, location, location

For the developers, the location of Northgate Shopping Centre was a no-brainer - being close to Malibongwe (previously Hans Strydom Drive) and Northumberland intersections means that the centre is easily accessible from the West, South and East of the Centre key. With this is mind, in 1991, Phase One of Northgate Shopping Centre development began, opening with a Pick n Pay Hyper and a few other shops lining the anchor tenant. If you're already one of our loyal shoppers, picture the development ending where Wimpy is currently situated. Yip, that was it - a mere 3 100 sqm!

When family fun became standard

Phase Two of the development opened in 1993, with an additional 35 000 sqm. This phase introduced the 6 cinema theatres (fully refurbished, relaunched and run by Century Cinemax since December 2018), and arguably the "coolest" entertainment Northgate Shopping Centre has to offer - the Northgate Ice Arena. Phew, they just grew! Phase Three and Four followed in 1998 adding a further 12 000 sqm to the mall, with Woolworths, Edgars and line shops. Phase Five was added shortly thereafter; and the final phase, Phase Six, followed in 2008, bringing Northgate to a proud 90 000 sqm.

90 000 square metres of awesomeness

Owners and management of Northgate weren't stopping there, and further expansions brought the mall up to a whopping 90 000 sqm of retail space. An additional 1 500 sqm was added, which included a new entrance and a fashion wing that opened in April 2014. New stores such as Cotton On, @Home, Mr Price, Mr Price Home, and Vodacom have found a new home in the extension.

Growing and glowing

Not only has the variety offered by the Centre extended by the cartload, but the look and feel of the 90 000 sqm of retail space has also recently undergone a complete overhaul. We are very proud of our fresh face of new paint, vibrant colours, new lighting, spiffing shop fronts and state-of-the-art fittings. A magical makeover!

No early stopping for the shopping

The Centre's trading hours allow shoppers to make the most of the all the fun, food and retail on offer. Stores open daily at 09h00 and close on Mondays through Thursdays at 18h00, on Fridays at 19h00, on Saturdays at 18h00, and on Sundays and public holidays at 15h00.